Your home is more than likely to be your biggest asset, therefore it is essential when selling your property, you make the right decisions in order to maximise the value. We have prepared a short guide to selling property and would of course, be delighted to discuss this in more detail and assist with your sale. For a free property valuation, please click here.


1. Arrange a valuation of your property

This is an opportunity to meet estate agents to gather opinions on the likely value of your home. It is important to remember that it is just that; an opinion, but often one founded on experience of selling similar property in the area. In addition to appraising the property’s likely sale price, the estate agent should be able to comment on other factors such as the prevailing market conditions, the likely buyer profile, their recommended strategy for your property and also any presentation advice they may have to maximise value. The estate agent you choose is likely to be one of the most critical decisions you make.

Here at Belgarum we work hard to provide our clients with the best market appraisals, offering helpful advice and information when undertaking our property valuations. We have vast experience in selling property in Winchester and the surrounding area and we offer free property valuations.

2. Engaging a Solicitor

It is often advisable to obtain quotations from conveyancing solicitors prior to putting your property on the market. You can then instruct that solicitor to begin collating your title deeds and preparing the draft contract for sale.  The most common frustrations within the legal process are associated with the lack of title deeds, causing unnecessary delays in preparing contracts and beginning the transaction. The best approach is to try to instruct a solicitor as soon as possible and provide them with the information they require quickly to ensure that the process can run as smoothly as possible.

We would be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our partners, so you can discuss your requirements with them. Contact us for more information. 

3. Make necessary improvements to your property.

Any large improvements or modernisation's need to either make your property more valuable, or more saleable. Ideally both. If you cannot guarantee that an investment of both time and money is going to achieve this, it is our advice to not make that investment. Nevertheless, first impressions really do count, and there are often small things which collectively can improve the viewing experience for a potential buyer. Subtle improvements such as de-cluttering, removing stains on walls or carpets and tidying the garden can really affect a buyer’s impression of the property.

Again we are happy to advise whilst valuing your property small improvements you can make, we understand that this is your home however you want to achieve the best price for property.

4. Instruct your Estate Agent

Agree a marketing price, a timescale and a strategy. These three components are critical to the success of your pending campaign, and a clear understanding of these between a seller and their agent is absolutely necessary.

We work closely with you to understand all aspects of the property early on, ensuring that we take down all the details that we know buyer’s want to know. We will collectively agree the strategy, ensuring that you are happy with how we take your property to market and also the timescale that best suit your needs.

5. The Marketing

Often the busiest time of any marketing campaign is the first two weeks; when the property creates that initial impact in the market place. The role of your estate agent during this time is to generate as much interest and viewing activity as possible, obtaining constructive feedback and using that to inform the future direction of the campaign.

Our negotiators at Belgarum work hard to launch your property into the market place to make as much impact as possible. We carefully screen potential buyers to ensure that only the right people see the property, we will also host the appointment viewings at your home in order to best present this to our clients.

6. The Sale

Receiving an offer can be an exciting time. The responsibility of the estate agent is twofold; to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the best possible price is achieved and also to carry out the due diligence necessary; to minimise the risk of the sale collapsing at a later date.

At Belgarum, you can be assured that we conduct a thorough investigation into the buyer’s circumstances and the viability of the transaction. This is to ensure that we present as many suitable buyers as possible. Additionally, we employ a dedicated sales progression manager to oversee every aspect of your sale, once the offer has been accepted. It is, as a result of this, that we experience a far lower ‘fall-through’ rate than the industry average.

Should you like more information about selling your property, to arrange a property valuation or any further advice then please call Belgarum on 01962 844460. We look to hearing from you soon.